e-Voices: Redressing Marginality is structured in 5 international events over 12 months:

  • Event 1: Understanding Marginality - January 2017, Bournemouth UK
  • Event 2: Digital Activism in Brazilian Favelas – May 2018, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Event 3: Digital Arts and Marginalised Identities – August 2018, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Event 4: Digital Media to Promote the Reconciliation Process– September 2018, Damascus, Syria
  • Event 5: Dissemination Event – October 2018, San Jose, Costa Rica

The network includes a consistent number of members coming from local institutions, local organisations, activists, and academics, who add their expertise and contribute to enriching the exchange of ideas on digital media and marginalised groups.

  • Maré Vive, Na Favela and other popular communications collectives and human rights organisations
  • Kenyan artists and local organisations: The Nest, who worked with LGBT communities, Osborne Marcharia, who have albinism or dwarfism (Osborne Macharia), Ng’endo Mukii, who worked with migrants.
  • Development Organisations working in Syria: Syrian Telecentres Project-Salamieh, Telecentre & Studies Centre for Handicapped Research, Community organizers network